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The Big 3 Building Infrastructure Predictions for 2018 commercial building owners and leasing executives will have several technology considerations on their plates in 2018.

Commercial building owners and leasing executives will have several technology considerations on their plates in 2018.

Mobility, Mobility, Mobility.

Commercial leasing executives and building ownership will be talking about building infrastructure and new technologies as we jump into 2018. “If you’re in the commercial real estate business, your conversations will steer toward building capacity for tenant mobile access,” says Mark Horinko, president of Airwavz. “Just beyond the reach of the phrase ‘location, location, location’ will be a new phrase, ‘mobility, mobility, mobility’.”

Placing smart investment dollars into commercial building infrastructure will yield longer-term profitability, higher building lease rates and longer tenant leases.


Gold Number 1

5G. If you’ve had 2 conversations a week about 5G, then you’ll have 4 conversations (at minimum) a week. “Talk about fifth generation mobile networks (5G) is amping up exponentially as we move into 2018,” says Horinko. “5G discussions, which include the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), will be about defining the technical standards, driving commercial adoption through innovative applications and shaping the user experience.”

As owners and tenants strive to live in the “connected world”, commercial pilots will focus on fixed wireless in 2018, with mobile implementations on the heels in 2019.

Gold Number 2

The Big Declutter. The forecasted ‘equipment decluttering’ trend that is synced with the convergence of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and radio-based infrastructure, will morph into shared, software programmable, multi-operator small cell systems.

“Instead of stacking multiple equipment in a data center, 2018 will see the emergence of virtualized infrastructure that will decrease network equipment costs while increasing and deepening densification in buildings to provide tenants and guests with ‘always-on-and-available’ mobile

Gold Number 3

Safety First. The awareness and need for in-building Public Safety solutions will accelerate through 2018. Conversations between leasing executives and tenants will arise as to how “public safety” will be defined within commercial real estate buildings, and the role that mobile capacity and mobile bandwidth plays inside a building.

“So we pose several key discussion points to the commercial building industry,” says Horinko. “And these are serious questions that revolve around a tenant’s mobile connectivity and their ability to use it inside a building.”

Is it the ability for first responders to communicate within a building? Or, the resiliency of telecommunications infrastructure to operate through a disaster? Or even location-aware Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that track each and every person in and around a building?

Businesswoman in suit using mobile phone in office building

“The bottom line for commercial real estate operators and owners is how do they become educated on increased cellular performance inside their buildings,” adds Horinko. “And how will they use this increased capacity to sell and market their buildings, to earn higher leasing rates and to lock-in longer term deals. The underlying answer involves mobile phones and better connectivity inside their buildings.”

What we do at Airwavz is to help commercial building owners and operators build a sustainable wireless infrastructure that adds capacity from all major mobile carriers inside their buildings.

“We are uniquely experienced and qualified telecommunications executives that understand where these mobile capacity trends are heading and how to develop and manage building infrastructure to remain competitive and relative,” says Horinko.

In summary, are you ready to talk about your building’s mobility infrastructure as much as you do about your prime locations? Which one do you feel will be more important to your tenants on a day-by-day basis? Learning about wireless building infrastructure is key. Our team is standing by to answer the easy and tough questions. Please contact us at 1-833-247-9289 or complete our contact form.

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