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The Office of the Future is the Floor-to-Floor Workforce

When you think of the “Office of the Future,” what pops into your mind? Glass and marble buildings soaring 800 feet into the sky? More outdoor green spaces? Workers using virtual reality? What about employees working floor-to-floor needing in-building wireless?

“Members of our Airwavz Solutions team recently attended the BisNow ‘Office of the Future,’ in Atlanta,” says Mark Horinko, president of Airwavz. “We learned a great deal about how major commercial real estate property owners, managers and technologists are demanding that in-building wireless connectivity be the norm for tenants of the future.”

How Millennials are Shaping the Office of the Future
  • We are a “more connected society,” and as students leave college, they expect the same experience in the workspace. Think collaborative working from the second floor to the 26th floor, to which wireless connectivity is critically important.
  • Enterprises must “secure talent through features/amenities,” and these amenity-rich properties have proven to keep workers lingering after hours, which correlates to more work hours.
  • Millennial work hours are not the typical 9-5. They come in later but are in the office late hanging out and working, with buildings now reflecting the “way we live” which is “connected to everyone, everywhere.”
Young professionals working in an open plan office

“What we heard loud and clear is that tenants expect to be connected wirelessly everywhere and will be working well past ‘normal’ business hours wherever the heck they want, not just inside their office but also in the well-appointed public gathering spaces in their building,” added Horinko.

The two panels explored “The Tenant Experience” and “Reinventing the Urban Office,” and it was clear that tenant demands are driving the market, with developers, owners and managers stepping up to provide not just the basic amenities but also fulfilling requests like fitness centers, lobbies that feature “living rooms” and well-connected common spaces that serve as meeting areas during the day and pubs in the evenings.

And the bonus for property owners is that for those who have made the investment in connectivity and gained WiredScore certification, are getting an average extra $7.50/RSF.

In closing, in-building wireless is the baseline for all future tenant business demands, and Airwavz provides turnkey solutions to keep you up-to-date. Contact us today by calling 1-833-AIRWAVZ or filling out our contact form, and we’ll find the right solutions for your business model.

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