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Wireless In Multifamily


Limited Wireless Experience

  • Resident Satisfaction, Retention + Attraction
  • Safety Concerns
  • Outdated Technology
  • Incompatible with Internet of Things (IoT) + Smart Building Integrations
  • Inconsistent Wireless Coverage
  • Inadequate Capacity


Comprehensive, Seamless Network

  • Improved Resident Satisfaction, Retention + Attraction
  • Reliable Connectivity
  • Future-Proof Technology
  • Iot + Smart Building Integration Support
  • Enhanced, Seamless Wireless Coverage
  • Increased Capacity

Why Wireless



By reselling the dedicated wireless solution (WiFi) to tenants in a comprehensive Tech Package, the apartment community will create a positive NOI and competitive edge in the marketplace.



Reliable, high-speed and ubiquitous WiFi improves resident satisfaction and attracts more tenants by providing the wireless connectivity users need and expect.



Exclusive wireless networks allow for bandwidth regulation, premium connection and scalability, tailored to the specific needs of the community. Users can also expect to maintain connectivity as they move throughout the property.



Airwavz ensures peace of mind with reliable cellular coverage, future-proof technology and 24/7 maintenance and monitoring. Users can trust in a seamless and consistently optimal connectivity experience.

Multifamily Wireless Solutions

  • Neutral Host Fiber Backbone
    Fiber connectivity plays a crucial role in providing high-speed and reliable wireless services within the multifamily community. Fiber optic cables use light signals to transmit data, offering significantly higher data transfer rates and lower latency. Neutral host infrastructure allows multiple wireless service providers to deliver their services through a common system.
  • Wi-Fi
    Enjoy seamless connectivity as you move from your apartment to the pool, gym, or any location within the property thanks to a professionally managed WiFi network that supports immediate service activation, is optimized for 5G and future technologies, and provides easy, all-inclusive, and dependable connectivity.
  • Premium In-Building Wireless
    A cellular network plays a vital role in ensuring comprehensive wireless coverage throughout the property. By strategically distributing antennas, DAS addresses coverage challenges, enhances indoor signal strength, supports multiple carriers, and prepares the community for future wireless advancements. Combined with neutral host infrastructure and Wi-Fi, DAS contributes to a robust and reliable wireless solution for residents, guests, staff and more!
  • Smart Network A strong wireless network serves as the infrastructure backbone for future PropTech and IoT deployments for a more efficient and profitable property such as:
  • Resident IoT connectivity platform
  • IoT vendor networks
  • HVAC/Energy Control
  • Security cameras and access control
  • Space utilization
  • Building Health
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Solution Stacking

fiber in multifamily building


  • Core fiber backbone for smart hospital
  • Fiber connectivity to wireless carrier networks
multifamily building wifi


  • Public connectivity or enhanced private solutions
  • Partial/complete building and campus wide
  • Seamless connectivity
cellular in multifamily building


  • Wireless carrier network(s) now inside your property
  • Foundation for smart building apps
smart networks in multifamily buildings

Smart Networks

  • Create secure and private wireless networks
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and other apps layered on
  • Designed for 5G and beyond!

Comprehensive Wireless Package
Wi-Fi + Cellular

Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wifi

Managed Wi-Fi + DAS

managed Wifi + DAS

The Economics

Property owner decides to get premium connectivity

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Airwavz builds, operates and manages the wireless network

hand shake icon

Property owner resells the network to residents as a comprehensive technology package

piggy bank icon

Property owner achieves positive NOI

Resident Benefits

Residents receive a safe, reliable wireless network with 24/7/365 maintenance and monitoring, enhancing their overall connectivity experience

Property Owner Benefits

Property owners receive a customized, future-proof wireless solution that will improve property value, enhance the resident experience and ease safety concerns.

Our Process

Step One

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Meet and understand your needs

Step TWO

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Non-binding Letter of Understanding

Step Three

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Current signal strength on your property

Step Four

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Full design of system and review with owner and carrier

Step Five

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Full scale construction including system testing

Step Six

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System goes live with carrier connection

We have a proven process that makes it easy for multifamily clients and wireless carriers to GET CONNECTED!

Wireless Carrier Coordination

Airwavz Solutions is solidly founded on tested expertise, vision, knowledge and experience but none greater than that of the understanding of the major wireless carriers currently operating and supplying signal to all of us – you, me, your tenants, our families and our communities.

  • Proven Process – Our carrier engagement process is aligned with each carrier’s planning and funding schedule.
  • While design and deployment cycle-times are important to the overall project timeline, the front-end of the process is critical to securing annual prioritization and funding by the carriers.
  • Pre-Negotiated Agreements – Airwavz has Master Lease Agreements with Verizon and T-Mobile and a pre-approved Master Lease Template with AT&T
  • Established ongoing working relationships with each carrier’s national & regional teams.
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We Make Wireless Simple.