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Why In-Building Wireless Technology is In Demand for 2018

With an in-building wireless technology solution, your building will possess an in-demand technological and competitive advantage.

“In fact, not having an in-building wireless system will soon be a liability,” said Mark Horinko, president of Airwavz. “Recent quantitative studies clearly demonstrate that tenants will renew leases, pay more in rent, and prefer leasing space in a building that provides enhanced wireless connectivity.”

But Why is In-Building Wireless Technology in Demand?

Signals from outdoor cellular towers are challenged because of increased data usage and current building material trends (low-E glass, LEED certified, etc.). “In addition, the outdoor systems are not physically designed to provide strong service at significant heights in office towers and to serve dense urban spaces,” added Horinko.

An in-building wireless system will increase cellular signal strength. But the real benefit is that it will increase data speeds and consistency, reduce external wireless noise for better connections, and provide for enhanced long-term technology modifications and security.

Tenants Are Demanding Stronger Connectivity

  1. 80% of cell phone calls originate inside a building and nearly three out of four tenants in office towers say they have poor cellular service at work. An in-building wireless system will help create the positive tenant experience needed to ensure they aren’t shopping as their lease expiration nears.
  2. 84% of tenants are willing to pay more per square foot for a building with proven cellular connectivity infrastructure. Studies show the value of an in-building wireless system to be around $1.50 per rentable square foot in leasing value, so you can charge more to existing tenants in the form of a technology upgrade and command more in the competitive new tenant leasing space.
  3. 77% of tenants are putting wireless connectivity in their top three reasons to lease. It has been documented that this is already ahead of transportation and general environment, and in the near future, will be even more important than physical location.
  4. In-Building Wireless has become an essential service, the 4th Utility – categorized as such for work, family, balance, public safety, etc.

“Our best advice to building ownership and management is to be careful when you start your research on in-building wireless technology,” added Horinko. “We’ve been in the wireless infrastructure industry for almost 40 years and are always happy to share our knowledge, so you can help your building ownership make an informed decision and keep your tenants happy.”

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Airwavz provides a turnkey solution as your total wireless infrastructure provider, with 24/7 system monitoring, maintenance, change/move services and stellar customer service. For more information and to receive a customized plan for your building, please call us at 1-833-AIRWAVZ, or submit our contact form.

(Article sources: Independent Commscope and Wiredscore studies conducted in 2016-17.)

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