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Airwavz Solves for PropTech Solution at MetroNational’s McKinley Development

In-building wireless connectivity inside commercial real estate buildings is a critical service, especially for building owners and enterprise customers who want to ensure their buildings are future-proof. 

In-building wireless connectivity inside commercial real estate buildings is a critical service, especially for building owners and enterprise customers who want to ensure their buildings are future-proof. 

MetroNational owns and manages more than 10 million square feet of commercial property primarily in the Greater Houston region, the largest of which is Memorial City. This upscale mixed-use development spans across 300 acres and includes Class A office space, restaurants, retail, multi-family dwellings, and medical buildings. 

Airwavz Solutions, a wireless connectivity company that designs, develops, owns, and operates 5G-ready, fiber wireless infrastructure as a service, recently partnered again with MetroNational on a new multi-family project in Memorial City. The McKinley Memorial City, the tallest luxury high-rise west of the Galleria area, is a 25-story residential tower with 278 units located at Katy Freeway and Bunker Hill Rd. 

As cities and regions continue to densify, the strain on existing cellular networks intensifies. Consequently, tenants find it more and more challenging to find reliable wireless signal inside buildings. MetroNational’s commitment to their tenants’ needs led them to search for ways to provide comprehensive wireless coverage that is future-proof so the McKinley will be ready for 5G and any other future PropTech needs. 

Chris Panto, MetroNational’s Vice President of IT, stated, “Folks nowadays use their cell phones as the primary means of communication, so cell service is extremely important. We decided to view cell service as a necessity rather than a luxury.” 

 That critical decision has further solidified MetroNational’s proven track record of leadership with providing competitive technological advances throughout their properties. 


Airwavz Crafts a Solution and Designs Connectivity for The McKinley 

MetroNational broke ground in July 2019 to begin construction of the luxury high-rise; all The McKinley’s units will include quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, and gas ranges. Counted among these amenities will be a movie theater, an eighth-floor pool with cabanas and grills, and a golf simulator. 

At the core of the McKinley, you will find the secure and reliable wireless infrastructure that provides the backbone for all the PropTech amenities that are necessary for residents’ contentment. 

Panto echoed this sentiment, “Once 5G becomes mainstream, it is very likely that we will see a shift away from Wi-Fi as the standard in-building internet connectivity. That said, I believe in-building wireless connectivity will be a service that tenants will require instead of an amenity that is offered.” 

As some enterprise companies move their headquarters from the city to West Houston and the real estate market continues to grow, Airwavz found the best solution to meet MetroNational’s commitment and dedication to offering a competitive edge in an exploding metropolitan. 

Perry Welch, Airwavz Director of Real Estate Partnerships, said, “Given the pandemic’s impact on construction and leasing, coupled with MetroNational’s desire for a phased opening, we were committed to finding an economic model that met their specific needs, so we crafted a custom solution for The McKinley.” 

Welch and Panto decided that a DAS solution would best fit the building’s needs. Airwavz’ partnership with the wireless carriers enables Airwavz to commit to bringing multiple wireless carriers into the building depending on the specific needs of the building and the 

tenants. The relationships Airwavz has built with the carriers supports a reasonable timeline to implement the DAS solution and ensures that as tenants move in, they will have access to in-building wireless service. 

The McKinley’s Future-Proofing 

In the end, because of the partnership between MetroNational and Airwavz, The McKinley will be ready to welcome its new residents with all the wireless infrastructure necessary to support a consistent wireless-connected experience. Airwavz Solutions does not just design and install the network—they provide service level agreements that are expected and required to provide a continually exceptional tenant experience, one that The McKinley’s residents will soon come to enjoy. 

Welch stated, “It was a rewarding challenge to collaborate with MetroNational and solve for a multi-family in-building wireless solution that met their needs.”

Panto added, “Airwavz’s leadership team has gone out of its way to ensure we are taken care of. With custom solutions tailored to our needs and the constant communication they provide, Airwavz continues to stand out as the right partner for our in-building cellular initiative.”

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