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A Hyperscale Building Solution

Hyperwavz Value Proposition

  • Simplify and converge technology infrastructure for building owners, tenants, and technology service providers
  • Increase ability to offer unique services to tenants
  • Increase NOI, and Overall Asset Value
  • Leverage hyperscale commercial effectiveness to subsidize costly but necessary “smart” building initiatives

Make it Hyperscale. Make it Smart.

The Hyperscale Building Promise

The next generation of commercial office buildings will face the challenge of having to support an explosion of different technologies including 5G cellular, Wi-Fi, loT, Private Networks, next generation security, and robust IP infrastructure. To meet these demands, a Hyperscale building includes the following key service principles:

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Receive reliable wireless connectivity now and in the future and at a competitive price

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Become future-prepped and well-equipped; generate new revenue and accelerate smart building initiatives

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Gain access to high capacity, reliable, and scalable access network solutions

All technology is planned and managed through a single technology partner. Airwavz.

Benefits to Tenants

Make it Hyperscale. Make it Fast & Easy.

  • Simple, Seamless and Flexible. Tenants can obtain all IT services from a single source and access high quality, carrier-grade network across the entire property.
  • High-speed and Stable wired and wireless network access
  • Seamless wireless coverage within the tenant space AND across the property
  • Enhanced on-premises Security
  • Competitive Pricing. Centrally planned and managed technology infrastructure reduces deployment costs so high-quality services can be offered at competitive rates
  • Limitless Technology. Flexible and agnostic infrastructure offers tenants limitless options of what they can deploy over the network.

Benefits to Owners

Make it Hyperscale. Make it Smart.

  • Make it HyperScale. A HyperScale building leverages wired and wireless IP technology to drive differentiation and new value.
  • Generate new revenue by offering technology services to tenants and technology service providers
  • Increase building value by increasing the current and future appreciation of the building through technology infrastructure
  • Carrier-Grade technology infrastructure planned and managed through a single pane of glass for streamlined operations and increased transparency
  • Competitive differentiator to tenants and branded services drive further monetization
  • Make it Smart. A HyperScale building can accelerate a
    Smart Building strategy by leveraging excess capacity on the Hyperscale network to operate more efficiently,
    reduce waste and drive cost savings for the owner and enhance the tenant experience.
  • Unified and agnostic technology infrastructure simplifies management and enables endless use cases and technologies
  • Reduce energy costs by deploying IoT to manage consumption and minimize waste

Benefits to Tech Providers

Make it Hyperscale. Make it Dynamic.

  • Technology Service Providers offer products and services to tenants and the building owner that require high quality networks for delivery. They include but are not limited to the following:
  • Mobile Network Operators: AT&T, Verizon, Dish & T-Mobile
  • Cloud Compute Providers: Google, Amazon, Microsoft & IBM
  • Local and Competitive Access Providers: AT&T, Verizon, Century Link, Charter, Comcast, Cox, Frontier
  • Centrally managed and high-quality infrastructure will attract TSP’s to the building to offer new, cutting-edge services and will drive competition between firms. For a TSP, this approach enables:
  • Lower costs to provide services over common infrastructure
  • Simple and fast to launch new services
  • Greater visibility into network operation and tenant utilization