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In-Building Wireless Mistakes

Set yourself up for success when selecting and implementing in-building wireless network. Avoid these top 5 mistakes.

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1. Believing Wi-Fi is All You Need

An in-building wireless network works hand-in-hand with Wi-Fi, providing enhanced data security, LTE data coverage and capacity and the ability to consistently make calls from a wireless device. Wi-Fi only gets you halfway there.

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2. Falling Into the Single Carrier Trap

A carrier may come knocking on your door offering to construct and operate an in building wireless network for you free of charge. The catch? It guarantees one wireless carrier exclusive service in your building for a decade or longer. But does this benefit all your tenants? Make sure you’re offering exceptional wireless service.

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3. Creating a DIY Disaster

The “build it and they will come” approach doesn’t work. An in-building wireless partner comes with carrier relationships and knowledge of their infrastructure priorities. That means your in-building wireless system won’t collect dust.

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4. Paying Too Much for the Wrong Solution

For a scalable multi-wireless carrier solution that includes engineering, design, equipment, installation, maintenance and monitoring, a reasonable cost estimate is around $.25 to .30 per RSF/year for a decade.

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5. Using Insufficient or Outdated Technology

Tenants expect lightning-fast wireless connectivity, but not every vendor offers technology that delivers. Explore your options, but set your standards high. Be cautious as you explore this major technology investment, keeping what’s best for your tenants top-of-mind.

The bottom line: A well-planned and executed in-building wireless solution will bring you higher tenant satisfaction, more dollars per square foot in rental income, and a higher occupancy rate than the building across the street. Don’t settle for anything less.

As a long-term mobility solutions partner, property owners and service providers rely on Airwavz Solutions to solve connectivity challenges. Mobile consumption has exploded, and our team understands your need for flexible and affordable solutions. Call us today.