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Empowering Connectivity: Airwavz Partners with Nuveen Real Estate to Elevate Wireless Coverage at Lincoln Centre and Four Oaks Place, Texas

Charlotte NC, November 2023 – In a remarkable leap towards enhancing the quality of cellular coverage, Airwavz, a leading provider of wireless solutions, has embarked on a transformative project at Lincoln Centre in Dallas, and Four Oaks Place in Houston, with Nuveen Real Estate, one of the largest real estate managers globally. By deploying an advanced wireless system within these buildings, Airwavz and Nuveen are set to redefine the digital experience, offering tenants and visitors seamless connectivity, productivity, and peace of mind.


Transforming Connectivity for Lincoln Centre and Four Oaks Place

In an increasingly connected world, reliable wireless coverage is now a necessity in commercial real estate.

Airwavz shared Nuveen’s vision of improving tenant experience and engagement by transforming its Wireless Quality of Experience (QoE) through the use of innovative wireless systems. As a leader in commercial real estate, Nuveen understood the need for a comprehensive wireless solution to meet the connectivity challenges of today and this new solution would serve as a foundation for its smart building strategies in the future.

Airwavz develops wireless systems that evenly distributes cellular service throughout the buildings using strategic placement of advanced antennas. Tenants, guests, and visitors can now enjoy uninterrupted calls, faster data speeds, and an overall enhanced experience. The building owners get unmeasurable peace of mind knowing that their tenants are seamlessly connected, and their properties are future-proofed for 5G and beyond.

With stronger cellular coverage, productivity, and efficiency soars. Businesses thrive as employees can connect effortlessly with clients and colleagues. In this transformed landscape, the potential for growth knows no bounds.

The Lincoln Centre and Four Oaks projects stand as a testament to progress achieved through technological innovation and trusted partnership. Airwavz and Nuveen’s commitment to excellence has brought forth a new era of connectivity for these fast-paced office buildings.

Jeff Funderburg, SVP of Strategic Business Development at Airwavz, shared his thoughts: “These projects represent more than technology; it’s about enhancing tenant and staff productivity, and maximizing the digital transformation potential of their businesses. We’re proud to bring seamless connectivity to the heart of Lincoln Centre and Four Oaks and look forward to our continued partnership with Nuveen.”


About Airwavz:

Airwavz is a trusted provider of innovative wireless solutions dedicated to transforming communities through seamless connectivity. Their commitment to progress has made them a valued name in the industry.

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