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As you embark on the process of choosing an in-building wireless partner, make sure to ask the right questions. Here are the top 20 to include on your list:

Ask About: Details of the System

  1. Is the solution 5G ready?
  2. What are the up-front costs and when do I start paying?
  3. Is the solutions considered CAPEX or OPEX?
  4. What type of system do you deploy? DRAN, Traditional DAS, BDA passive (Bi-Directional Amplifiers)?
  5. Who maintains and upgrades the system after deployment? Who will operate the system after installation? Who do I call with issues?
  6. What if I have a tenant moving-in or renovating, do you help with any changes that might occur?
  7. What is the long-term support and what is included?
  8. Can your system cover multiple buildings or an entire campus?
  9. What is the scalability of your system? Are technology upgrades and changes included in your pricing?
  10. Is there a marketing agreement or Letter of Understanding? What is the length of the agreement, is it binding or exclusive, and for what term? What do I get for it?

Ask About: Their Carrier Engagement

  1. Can you provide carrier letters of support?
  2. Do you enter a Service Level Agreement with the carriers?
  3. Is your network design carrier approved prior to deployment?
  4. Do you work with the carriers during deployment? Such as system integration process?
  5. Will you provide optimization throughout the life of the system if the carrier makes technology or macro changes?

Ask About: Their Service Level

  1. What type of service level guarantees do you provide and what is the escalation process to secure issue resolution?
  2. Do you enter a Service Level Agreement with me, the property owner/building management?

Don’t Get Caught with the ‘Free System’ Myth

  1. For those offering a carrier-funded solution: Why is your system “free” when everyone else is asking me to pay? What’s the catch?
  2. If a “free” system is being proposed what is the timeframe of carriers joining the system? Can you guarantee that timeframe?
  3. With your “free” system, is there any roof space being proposed for a cell site?