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5G and Commercial Real Estate

Permanently Solve Tenant Wireless Coverage Issues and Increase Rent and Occupancy in Your Smart Office Building

Airwavz provides neutral-host in-building wireless infrastructure as an integral part of a property’s long-term wireless strategy, supporting the rollout of 5G, IoT, and other Smart Building technology platforms.

Airwavz designs, builds, funds, owns, operates, maintains and monitors the entire wireless ecosystem, providing a simple solution to the confusing problem of wireless coverage and performance inside across a  broad spectrum of commercial real estate properties.

Robust wireless reception provided by in-building wireless systems reduces vacancy and increases tenant retention, resulting in heightened cash flow and building valuations. Connectivity is crucial for employees of the productive workplace and for the owner’s bottom lines.

Tech-forward buildings that utilize an in-building wireless system give owners an advantage when competing for new tenants in competitive markets where the bar is set high in providing top-of-the-line amenities and large tenant improvement packages.

To enhance their employees’ productivity and their own bottom lines, corporate tenants may choose not to lease or renew in buildings that fail to address poor wireless capability. Building owners willing to address his issue can help avoid tenant departures to buildings with better service when their lease expires.

Airwavz provides 5G-ready, future-proof services for reputable owners in major markets throughout the country. Among our clients are Hines, Barings, Northwoods Office, Banyan Street Capital, MetroNational, Billingsley Company, and Crescent Communities.